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Anne Humphrey, Founder/Creator & Host of The AH Show. Transformational Life Coach & Speaker. Upcoming New York Times Bestselling Author - DAMMIT! Execute! 

For close to two decades Ms. Humphrey has inspired her community and has been a voice for change, activism and empowerment. Her courage inspires her fans to follow their dreams. Ms. Humphrey has walked on fiery coals with Anthony Robbins, traveled the world from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe and has excelled at her life endeavors.

Ms. Humphrey’s spirit of service has led to community involvement which includes outreach programs, governmental relations and corporate initiatives. She has been recognized for many accomplishments and awards for her service to her community. Awards include:

• NAACP President’s Award

• The Silva Method (Lifetime Member)

* Landmark Forum Graduate

• Silver Two Star Entrepreneur Award

Ms. Humphrey was honored by Oprah Winfrey, by having Ms. Humphrey words quoted and featured in the October 2011 issue of O Magazine, circulated to over 2.4 million subscribers, in the U.S. alone.

Among the prestigious awards and honors bestowed upon Ms. Humphrey for her extensive work of service recently is:

  • (Former) Florida Governor Rick Scott

  • (Former) Mayor Lesa Peerman of Margate, FL.

In addition, Ms. Humphrey is a Transformational Life Coach.  She teaches others to use their words, thoughts, actions and intentions in creating the life they truly want. Anne is a dynamic coach with a transformative story that will touch the hearts and souls of many. Her success has positively impact other lives in so many ways. In her mission to continually Inspire, Elevate and Transform others to become unapologetically successful. www.NowYourLifeTransforms.com

Ms. Humphrey is currently Campaigning for Branch President 2020 - Ft. Lauderdale Broward NAACP #5099 - in her local community. Humphrey has campaigned in previous years for the seat of President. She is more committed and inspired to run again in the upcoming 2020 Election year. Her philosophy is simple: "As your President, my intention is to share the knowledge that I have received, show the compassion that I was given and Get Back To The Basics of the NAACP; while staying AHthentic to the cause." See her #ItsInTheBlood Speech  https://youtu.be/odtkRbDul98



Lastly, Ms. Humphrey is an Upcoming New York Times Best Selling Author of DAMMIT! EXECUTE! To learn how to partner, events, apparel, donate & much, much more, please visit: https://www.dammitexecute.com/



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